Challenge: ANA approached us with a vital mission – to create a video that would raise awareness about hearing loss in a simple and direct manner. The challenge was to make the video accessible to a wide audience, encompassing all age groups and addressing accessibility issues.

Solution: To instill trust and confidence in our audience, we enlisted the esteemed Italian television personality Luciano Onder, known for his reassuring presence. Together, we crafted a motion graphics video that delivered its message at an easy-to-follow pace for everyone. The video employed clear visuals and straightforward storytelling, ensuring that the message would resonate with viewers of all backgrounds.

Results: The motion graphics video for ANA successfully achieved its objectives by raising awareness about hearing loss in a simple and inclusive manner. It garnered positive feedback from viewers of all ages and backgrounds, effectively contributing to the cause of promoting better hearing health in Italy.

Client: ANA (Italian Association of Audioprosthetists)

Year: 2020