We’re the dynamic, fast-moving crew that gets today’s media scene. Our mojo? Crafting killer videos that will take your brand to the next level. 

We’ve got the firepower, and we’re all about making fresh, mind-blowing content for every platform out there! 🔥🎥💥

– OKEAHwil

the process

IDEA / Every great film starts with an idea. We engage in scriptwriting, research, production design, and assembling key talent.

PRE-PRODUCTION / This stage involves logistical planning, location scouting, actor casting, assembling the production crew, and creating a detailed schedule.

PRODUCTION / Our production team carefully coordinates every aspect of the shooting to ensure an efficient and high-quality workflow.

POST-PRODUCTION / The recorded material is edited and sound, music and vfx are added. Editing is crucial in creating the desired story and atmosphere of the film.

ADAPTATION/ Following post-production, the content needs to be adapted for various digital platforms. This includes creating shorter versions of the film for social media or breaking down the content into episodes for streaming platforms.

DIGITAL MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION / We support agencies and clients in refining their digital marketing strategies, creating promotional materials and planning distribution.




video production

Contact us and schedule an appointment at our new studio in Bovisa, Milan. 

or write us at productions@okeahfilm.com